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New Clothes for Sam to replace his that were stolen

Posted Sep 14, 2021
Most of Sam's clothing was stolen by relatives while he was living in his grandmother's home. Much of what he still had he has grown out of and now he desperately needs school clothes. Since he is attending a new school now, new clothes will help Sam fit in. He will feel much more confident in this new environment if he feels good about what he is wearing.

Sam is 14 years old and lives in San Diego, CA

Sam is kind, intelligent, athletic and determined to do well in school and sports and is thrilled to begin his freshman year of high school. Sam was born into unfortunate circumstances and had to be placed with his grandmother. Sadly, he was unable to continue to live with her and came into the foster care system. Even with this unexpected change, Sam still dreams of excelling academically and athletically in football, basketball and baseball with hopes of going to college.

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"Have a great time clothes shopping! "

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