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Pokemon Nintendo Switch Lite to help Roran self regulate when he is overwhelmed

Posted Oct 13, 2021
Roran would like a travel game system to use as a sensory coping skill when he needs time to himself and to entertain himself when being around too many people is too overwhelming. Games help him regulate his emotions when he is not feeling great. This Pokemon Nintendo Switch Lite would be the coolest gift Roran has ever received. It will not only be a great tool when he is feeling overwhelmed, it will be a ton of fun to play with.

Roran is 17 years old and lives in Oceanside, CA

Roran is a funny and intelligent young person. He is very shy and enjoys sensory activities and ideas. He tries to build relationships but struggles in crowded and loud places . Roran has been in the foster system since he was 7 years old . He does not let his autism get in the way of communicating his needs.