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A Pack of Fidget Toys for Alania to help control her anxiety.

Posted Oct 13, 2021
Alania is being encouraged to work through the trauma she has been exposed to. She is not able to verbalize her feelings and emotions associated with her trauma, and it causes her to present with a lot of anxiety. Alania wishes for a Pop It Fidget Toy to utilize when attempting to control her thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Being provided a fidget toy will assist her in being able to manipulate an object to redirect her focus and calm her anxiety.

Alania is 8 years old and lives in Grand Terrace, CA

Alania is a very reserved child. She is quiet and shy. Alania is also very loving and creative. She loves all kinds of arts and crafts and anything she can put her mind too. She enjoys playing and interacting with her friends. Alania was recently adopted and is settling into her new family.

The Wish Story

The Heart Matters Foster Family Agency requests this wish for Alania.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Alania! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Hello Alania! I also have a lot of anxiety and strong emotions, and fidgets are my absolute favorite way to help get my thoughts back in order. Know that it will get better, and you are incredibly strong and brave for facing each and every day, even when it's a challenge. I hope you enjoy the gift and know there are always people cheering for you on the sidelines. Keep being awesome. - Jay "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the The Heart Matters Foster Family Agency for Alania.

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