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A Zoo Membership for Ashlee so she can see the animals and have fun with her grandparents

Posted May 25, 2022
Ashlee loves animals and would go to the zoo every day if she could. Her family lives fairly close to the zoo and would benefit a lot from a membership where she could go often and see the animals all she wants. She would be so excited to know they could go to the zoo!

Ashlee is 5 years old and lives in Calera, AL

Ashlee is a very sweet sweet little girl with beautiful blonde curls and the brightest blue eyes. She loves everything glitter, pink and princess. Her pre-k teacher said “her soul must be made of honey and cotton candy because she’s so sweet”. She’s learning to read and is incredibly smart. She loves all animals and has a cat named Ellie Mae and a dog named Moose. Ashlee struggles with anxiety especially with any changes or new environments. In her mind any changes are a bad thing and very scary so her grandparents that she lives with are going to take the summer to prepare her for Kindergarten. This is a big summer for her.

The Wish Story

Grandparents As Parents requests this wish for Ashlee.

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"I hope you enjoy your gift. Have Fun❤️"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Grandparents As Parents for Ashlee.

Ashlee receives the wish from Grandparents As Parents

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