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A New Bedding Set for Ashly to make her room feel like her own

Posted Jun 22, 2022
Ashly is wanting to have her room done different. She has one set of bedding that she got when she came here, but would like a second set, one that she can pick out herself. When she does laundry, she can just put the new bedding on the bed. This is what she picked out, and she can't wait to get it.

Ashly is 17 years old and lives in Charlotte, NC

Ashly is a happy person. She feels very supported and is living life to the fullest. She is working on getting her high school education, and is making decisions on what she wants to do to further her education. She enjoys music and likes to write poetry. She hopes to be a public speaker some day to share her story. She cares very deeply for other people, but admits to often being hurt by others because she does care too deeply--to soon. She is also working on getting a job soon.

The Wish Story

Florence Crittenton Services requests this wish for Ashly.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Lauri grants the wish for Ashly! Thanks Lauri.

"Hope you can find some pretty sheets, Ashley. Happy shopping!! ❤️"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Florence Crittenton Services for Ashly.

Florence Crittenton Services receives the wish!

Ashly receives the gift from Florence Crittenton Services !

"Ashly teared up and got quiet when her bedding came in. She said she was happy someone thinks about her!! Thank you for helping her feel special!!"

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