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A Flying Saucer Tree Swing for Grayson to help with sensory needs

Posted Aug 5, 2022
Grayson has a lot of sensory needs and gets a lot of benefit from the flying saucer swing he uses at therapy. It has been suggested he have one for home as he gets so much sensory input from swinging on it. It would help him a lot all while he was enjoying swinging and only know he was having fun. His grandmother says he has come so far and this would help him continue his forward progress!

Grayson is 3 years old and lives in Harriman , TN

Grayson's first 16 months of his life were filled with neglect, abuse, and always on the run from authorities. When his grandparents were finally able to find out where he was, they were awarded emergency custody. He is now a thriving 3 year old who is working on healing but he is so smart and has learned so many things! He can count to 20, read small sight words and knows all the colors and shapes. If it's not raining, he thinks he should be outside playing. Everyone that saw him when he went to live with his grandparents can't believe he is the same child today. He is a survivor.

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"I wish you all the peace, joy, health, love, and comfort your heart and hands can hold Sweet Boy ❤️"

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