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A Toddler Cleaning Set for Nahlani who is a big helper

Posted Nov 28, 2022
Nahlani always likes to help with cleaning, and this cute toddler cleaning set comes with their own broom, dustpan, bucket, and mop. Nahlani will be the best helper in the house with these fun cleaning supplies.

Nalahni is 1 year old and lives in Macon, GA

Nalahni is a bubbly, very happy beautiful baby. Nihalani has this little laugh that makes you smile. Nahalani loves to eat and wants and desires the attention of anyone around her. She takes cat naps because she is interested in everything and doesn't want to miss a thing. Luckily she sleeps through the night. Nahalani is teething and has two small teeth coming in.

The Wish Story

Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, Teen Parent Connection requests this wish for Nalahni.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Tasha grants the wish for Nalahni! Thanks Tasha.

"You continue to be a good helper and know that you are loved!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, Teen Parent Connection for Nalahni.

Nalahni receives the gift from Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, Teen Parent Connection!

"Thank you so much for your support. Your gift means a lot and is so appreciated. Your gift helps reminds them that there are good caring people in the world. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!"

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