About Jamon

Jamon is 19 years old and lives in San Diego, CA

Jamon is an exemplary student, and an overall amazing human being. He entered the foster care system when he was seven, and moved through at least 12 homes. Jamon did have a few constants in his life, including his foster father, a few caseworkers, and his grandmother. Jamon enrolled in community college and did his best to pass his classes. However, when things were not going well, he took the initiative to get a hold of his school counselor and re-enroll in the classes he struggled in. Jamon has also had to spend countless holidays by himself, in which he has done his best to maintain his personal relationships and his grades while struggling with seasonal depression and anxiety due to the pandemic. Despite his challenges, Jamon has kept a positive attitude and has found his happy place. He has taken back his physical health by making healthier decisions through eating healthy and exercising daily. Jamon is a big fan of reality television, which brings him joy and offers him relaxation in his busy life.