Submit A Wish

One Simple Wish spreads love, hope and joy to individuals impacted by foster care through simple, yet meaningful wishes. We make every effort to ensure that every wish is granted but do rely on our amazing supporters to make this possible. Please see below for further information about how to submit a wish for consideration.

Agencies & Nonprofits

If you represent a nonprofit serving children who have been impacted by foster care, click the button below to apply to become a part of our Community Partner Network. It’s easy, free and awesome.

Becoming a Community Partner allows you to submit wishes (up to $500) on behalf of the incredible children and young people you support.

Foster Parents

First of all, thank you for being amazing!

If a child in your care has a wish, please ask your caseworker to submit it to us by following the instructions in the "Agencies & Nonprofits" section. You may also contact us and provide your caseworker’s information and we can initiate the process with them.


Remember, you don’t ever age out of One Simple Wish!

If you are over 21 and have aged out of foster care, you may be eligible for our Direct Intake Program. Please click the link below to learn more.