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Terms and Conditions

Updated: Feb 2024

One Simple Wish is a 501c3 NJ-based nonprofit organization that works with a network of thousands of Community Partner agencies throughout the United States to spread love, hope, and joy to kids and young adults who have been impacted by trauma, crisis, and foster care. Among other programs, we operate this online wish platform to enable donors to grant a wish submitted to our Community Partners by a child, advocate, or young adult that the partner is currently providing services to.


We encourage Wish Granters, Donors, Community Partners and visitors to check this page frequently for updates as we reserve the right to make policy changes as needed. If you have any questions or concerns about these terms and conditions, please email us using the Contact Us form.


One Simple Wish values and approves each wish submitted to our website. The value includes the original price of the item, credit card fee, sales tax and shipping charges (when applicable), and a program fee to allow us to sustain operations. The program fee typically does not exceed 10% of the cost of the wish.

One Simple Wish makes every effort to provide the donor with the most accurate wish value available at the time the wish is posted. If the item is found at a lower value, the donor understands that any additional funds will be deposited into an account for One Simple Wish to use towards our programming. If the wish was undervalued, One Simple Wish uses program-restricted funds to cover the cost of these items or, if necessary, unrestricted funding.

All funds received by One Simple Wish are used 100% towards furthering the organization's mission and at no time shall be accepted as profit, in accordance with non-profit organization status.

DONORS (Wish Granters)

Donors may browse and grant wishes on our website with or without registering. Whether or not a donor is registered, donors will receive a confirmation of their donation via email from both One Simple Wish and PayPal, which is our merchant service provider.

By registering, you agree to receive email communications from One Simple Wish relating to our programs. You may opt out at any time by following the link in our emails. You may not opt out of transactional emails like donation confirmations or wish updates.

By registering with One Simple Wish, potential donors are not entering any contract.

Donations made directly to a wish will be used to fulfill that specific item. One Simple Wish will make every reasonable effort to arrange for the service or experience to take place between the donor and the Community Partner. However, if it becomes too difficult to make this arrangement or more than 30 days pass without any progress, One Simple Wish reserves the right to make alternative arrangements to ensure that the service or experience is provided or to apply funds to a new wish. One Simple Wish will make every effort to select an alternative wish with criteria as close to the original wish as possible.


Wishes are collected through Third Party Partners known as Community Partners. These Community Partners must be recognized and registered nonprofit organizations. They must apply to become a member of our network of Community Partners and fulfill all requirements in the application. All applications are reviewed by One Simple Wish, and Community Partners are not eligible to make wishes on behalf of individuals until their applications are approved.

Community Partners understand that by making wishes on behalf of individuals, they are certifying that this individual is in need and that they maintain all responsibility if the individual is fraudulent in any manner. They also certify that they will communicate relevant wish information to the recipient, acting as the liaison between One Simple Wish and the recipient. One Simple Wish kindly asks that only the Community Partner reach out to our team about wishes and that no direct recipients attempt to circumvent this process.

By joining the network of Community Partners, Community Partners recognize that they are entering into a relationship with One Simple Wish until their wishes have been granted. If they sever their relationship with One Simple Wish prior to all wishes being granted, any outstanding wishes will be removed from the website. Community Partner’s acknowledge that they are not entering into any other type of partnership, arrangement or agreement with One Simple Wish other than to make wishes on behalf of individuals and to have those wishes granted.

Community Partners agree to have their organization information displayed on One Simple Wish’s website and in printed materials, including but not limited to brochures, press releases and print advertisements. If at any time a Community Partner decides to sever their relationship with One Simple Wish, Community Partners understand that materials printed before the date the relationship ended may still be used and that those materials may include the Community Partner’s organization name and other information. Further, One Simple Wish reserves the right to communicate past affiliation with these organizations to the public.

Community Partners understand that One Simple Wish will contact them once a donor makes a request to fulfill a wish they have submitted. Community Partners agree to be available to arrange for the delivery of the wish during the Community Partner’s regular operating hours. One Simple Wish will make every effort to accommodate the schedule of the Community Partner but Community Partners are aware that fulfillment of certain wishes may need to occur on a weekend, in the evening or otherwise outside of the normal operating hours of the Community Partner and that they may need to be available at these times with advance notice.

Community Partners understand that One Simple Wish will make every effort to fulfill a wish within 45 days of the time that wish has been granted and covered by a donation for the full value of the wish. Similarly, Community Partners are expected to make every effort to distribute wishes to the recipient within 120 days of receiving the item. If, for any reason, the Community Partner cannot distribute a wish, they agree to notify One Simple Wish immediately to redirect the funds.

Community Partners acknowledge that they will not receive any direct funds from One Simple Wish, either as a direct wish recipient, beneficiary, or relative. This means that the Partner understands that they will not submit wishes for themself or any relative, friend, or dependent, even if that person is receiving support from the partner organization. Instead, the Partner will direct that individual to an outside agency/organization to submit the wish to One Simple Wish. Additionally, the organization representing the partner also acknowledges that their organization will not benefit directly from the wish program. If a Community Partner is seeking the sponsorship of an event or program, they must apply separately and not through the wish-granting platform.

While every effort will be made to do so, One Simple Wish makes no guarantee that all wishes made will be granted.

Wish Posting Guidelines:

It is important to us that wish limitations are kept to a minimum and that the children and young adults are able to select the wish that they have identified will bring them hope, joy & love. If you feel that you have a wish that may fall outside these general rules feel free to contact us for further discussion.

As a general rule, wishes for the following will not be approved:

-Wishes with an original price that exceeds $425. We have a Big Wish program that may be able to address these. You can contact [email protected] for more information on that program.
-Wish forms that are incomplete, lack detail, do not follow our suggested format, or require significant edits (this includes using all caps or extra characters due to copy/paste from a Word doc).
-Wishes for items from more than one vendor or for more than one recipient.
-More than 3 wishes for the same recipient at one time.
-Wishes that require reimbursement to be fulfilled.
-Wishes for Visa/Amex/Giftly Gift cards (must be to a specific store that sells gift cards online);
-Wishes for checks made out to the child or child's family (checks will only be filled directly to a vendor).

Additionally, Community Partners are expected to include all info possible for the wishes posted. If the contact address on file is a PO Box, an alternate delivery address will need to be provided for items larger than an envelope. If the request is for lessons, tickets, or something besides a standard item, please provide the name and address for payment within the Wish Notes.

Thank you notes are a required part of our Wish Granting program. Community Partners are expected to send a thank you note for the Wish Granter from either themselves or the child a wish was granted for. These can be uploaded to the website.


If you spent time in foster care and you would like to have a wish submitted on your behalf, please contact your current or former caseworker; or a local social service agency, church or nonprofit and ask them to become a Community Partner with One Simple Wish.

If you are having trouble connecting to a former caseworker or agency, please contact us and we will do our very best to connect you to a social service agency in your area. You can also visit for more resources.

It is important to note that One Simple Wish is not an emergency response organization, our staff are not trained social workers, and the wish-granting program is not structured to successfully address life-threatening or emergency needs. One Simple Wish does not have any government contracts or government funds to address the needs and each wish is individually reviewed, posted and fundraised for, prior to being able to release payment. If you need emergency support or feel that you are in distress, please reach out to a trained professional or call 988.


Wishes over $500 fall into our Big Wish program. Big Wishes must be submitted by a Community Partner and clearly outline both the impact of the wish as well as how the wish can be filled by One Simple Wish (if granted). Big wishes will be reviewed once per week by the team. After review, a team member will be in touch with the Community Partner. Please note that Big Wishes are not guaranteed to be accepted, as only about 50 Big Wishes will be accepted each year through this program.

All Big Wish recipients agree to send a personal photo to be shared with the wish on social media. At the request of the Community Partner, One Simple Wish can obscure photos and/or use a pseudonym to protect the privacy of the wish recipient. Bgi Wish recipients also must provide a thank you message and a second photo after the wish is granted.

Effective Feb 12, 2024 To ensure this limited resource is available to as many recipients as possible, only submissions for those who have not had a big wish granted in the last five years will be considered (from the last granted date to the new date of submission). As a reminder, this resource is not guaranteed and not all big wish applications will be approved.