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One Simple Wish is dedicated to brightening the lives of individuals impacted by the trauma of foster care.
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A Drum Set | $322
Nick, 9 years

Nick loves playing the drums when they go to the music store and has found a passion for music and percussion. A set of drums is the only thing they have wished for this Christmas. Nick has worked through a lot of trauma, and playing the drums is a wonderful outlet for them.

$10.70 of $322 contributed

3% donated

Boxing Classes | $340
Oscar, 11 years

Oscar loves to stay busy and active. Now that summer has ended, it's tough to spend as much time outside during the daylight hours. Oscar is searching for a new activity that can get him up on his feet after school. Boxing would be perfect! Boxing will keep Oscar active while he develops self-defense skills and builds confidence.

$189.05 of $340 contributed

56% donated

A Standing Desk | $442
Amanda, 49 years

Amanda’s wish is to receive a standing desk, so that she can move around as she does her schoolwork and online classes. Sitting at a desk increase swelling in her body and creates intense back pain, which has made it difficult for her to work for long periods at a time. She would really love to be able to stand and move around while she works. The desk would allow her to complete her studies more comfortably, help improve her circulation and reduce her back pain.

$10.70 of $442 contributed

2% donated

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