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About Saya

Saya is 9 years old and lives in NY

Saya is the only girl and youngest child in her family. Recently, her aunt was awarded custody of Saya and her three siblings, so now they all live together in Newark, NJ. Saya has faced many challenges in the past few years, including being removed from her birth parents after an extremely traumatic event, spending three months in the isolation of the ACS Children's Center, being placed in foster care with strangers, and losing all of her loved possessions. Today, Saya is grateful to be living with her aunt in NJ, surrounded by loved ones. When Saya was taken from her parent's home in March 2022, she was not allowed to take any belongings with her. To this day, Saya has not received any of her possessions, and her parents no longer reside in their previous home.