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About Kamila

Kamila is 14 years old and lives in NC

Kamilahas experienced a good deal of trauma in her life. Her mother died a couple of years ago, and her father’s whereabouts were unknown. She moved to the home of her maternal grandmother in a different state, losing many maternal supports she had known all her life. That placement did not work out, and Kamila eventually ran away. She is currently in a safe placement where an assessment is being completed to determine her needs and how best to meet them. She continues to struggle at times but has had moments when she has really let her guard down, so her personality was more clearly seen. She is bright, articulate, and a very strong advocate for herself. She is in the 9th grade, likes school, loves to read, and coloring is a calming activity for her. Kamila is currently doing well in school, and Spanish is her new favorite subject. She has a great sense of humor, loves to play cards, and is a good competitor. Her laugh is contagious, and she is funny. She is a lover of all animals and dreams of one day working with exotic animals.