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About Trin

Trin is 14 years old and lives in NY

Trin is an exceptional individual with remarkable intelligence, resilience, and compassion. She excels academically, overcoming obstacles and maintaining high grades. Trin true strength lies in her heart and empathy for others, as she selflessly supports peers who have experienced abusive pasts. She runs groups to create a safe space for healing and growth. Additionally, Trin spends 20 hours a week tutoring students who struggle academically, sharing her knowledge and empowering others. Despite facing challenges, Trin remains resilient and determined. She has a bad case of eczema and requires special clothing to manage symptoms. Trin impact on her community and the lives of those around her is immeasurable. Her unwavering dedication to making a positive difference is truly inspiring. Trin academic achievements are a testament to her intelligence and determination. Despite growing up in a household where she witnessed her parents' fights and her mother being abused, Trin has managed to excel in school. Her ability to overcome such adversity and maintain good grades is a true testament to her strength and resilience.