Give a Thanksgiving Feast!

This Thanksgiving will look very different than it ever has before. For many, like young people who aged out of foster care, this pandemic has not only impacted their jobs and their education, but it has also reminded them of the isolation that can be felt when you grow up in a system and not a family. 

This Thanksgiving, One Simple Wish wants to give 100 former foster youth a Thanksgiving feast to enjoy with those they love. We're partnering with our friends at City Living NY - whose mission is to empower youth aging out of foster care to successfully transition into adulthood.

How You Can Help

We're asking you to help us raise $12,000 so we can make sure all the young people in City Living's programs can have a happy, love-filled Thanksgiving! We will be giving each young person the choice to purchase ingredients and cook their meal or to use a meal delivery/takeout service. We believe that giving them this choice will also promote dignity and allow them to select the option that is best for them. 

ABOUT THE AMOUNT WE ARE TRYING TO RAISE: A handful of people have written notes to us questioning why we need $12,000 to feed 100 people. Here's what we are doing. Each person will receive an average of $100, depending upon the size of their household. Some live with family members or friends and others have children of their own. We are raising more than that to cover the 2.9% transaction fee and in case there are others who have larger groups so we don't have to leave anyone out.

To make this possible, you can donate ANY amount right here. Every bit helps.

With your gift, you will tell all of these amazing young people just how much they are loved and you will give them an enjoyable meal to share with people close to them.


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