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A pet terrarium for Jasmine for an apartment that does not allow four legged animals

Posted Nov 28, 2022
Jasmine lived on a farm in here younger years and now lives in the big city of Stone Mountain, a suburb of Atlanta. Unfortunately, she can not have dogs or cats in her apartment complex. She wants to stay within the guidelines of her contract, and was approved for pets that can live in a terrarium. On top of that Jasmine want to teach her young son how to care, nurture and respect living creatures. He is an only child, and mom feels that a hamster would be a great beginning. Jasmine is a southerner girl at heart with southern principles and believes caring for others starts at home. She will be so excited to start this fun animal journey this holiday season with her son!

Jasmine is 21 years old and lives in Riverdale, GA

Jasmine is a mild mannered, determined, smart, hard- working young lady, who works hard at being a great mother. Jasmine is doing the best she can to ensure she raises well adjusted, grounded, intelligent children. She recently received her GED and is currently enrolled in a CNA program, while working part time. Jasmine is learning more about child development and continuing to improve her parenting skills to become the best mom she can be to her lovely daughters.

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