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A Vacuum to help Alyssa maintain her apartment

Posted Jan 24, 2023
Alyssa is a very organized and clean person. She enjoys decorating and cleaning her apartment (it always looks so beautiful) . However, after her baby learned how to run --baby has managed to put sticky food in hidden areas of Alyssa's apartment and leave crumbs of food in Alyssa's carpet. Alyssa does sweep her own carpet and tries to clean but sometimes it can get difficult since she does not have a vacuum. Alyssa does use maintenance vacuum but she often has to rely on the availability of the vacuum. Alyssa having her own vacuum would mean she can keep apartment clean not rely on agency to lend her a vacuum. Cleaning is also a great coping tool that Alyssa enjoys and with a new vacuum she is able to keep apartment clean and reduce anxiety.

Alyssa is 23 years old and lives in Los Angeles , CA

Alyssa is an excellent mother seeking all goodness for her daughter. She is a former foster youth and currently resides in a transitional home with her one-year-old baby girl. Alyssa has completed two years of college and wants to eventually pursue a career in childhood development. Even though Alyssa has faced a lot of challenges she is a resilient mother that only wants the best for her child.

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