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A Few Clothes for Dayrin to feel comfortable in at school

Posted Jan 25, 2023
Dayrin is in need of school clothes. Dayrin has had a difficult time with clothes in the past two years. Dayrin would like the opportunity to purchase her own clothes and try on the clothes in a store. Dayrin expressed that she struggles with obtaining clothes for her body type. Dayrin would like to feel like a teenager and be able to purchase trendy youthful clothes for her plus size. Dayrin is excited to shop and get the opinion of her caregiver. She really admires her caregivers casual but trendy style.

Dayrin is 15 years old and lives in CA

Dayrin is a shy young girl who likes to sing. Dayrin enjoys singing in her room. She says that singing is her passion and relieves a lot of stress for her. Dayrin is currently in foster care and is happy to be in a stable environment. Dayrin enjoys school but she says sometimes she has a difficult time making friends. Dayring's favorite subject is math. She says math is numbers and you don't have to get creative with numbers. Dayrin says she struggles with creative writing but enjoys reading and singing song lyrics.

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