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A New Printer for Juanita to continue to excel in school

Posted Feb 10, 2023
Juanita just returned to college and needs a printer. She prefers having things printed before her rather than staring at the computer screen. This will benefit her academically, and she will be able to highlight and underline all her school readings! She is so excited about this fantastic addition to her education.

Juanita is 29 years old and lives in CA

Juanita is a hard-working young lady who works and goes to school. She recently decided to return to school to continue her AJ major and has big dreams ahead of her. Juanita wants to become a Sheriff once she is all done with school. She always makes sure she gets things done and taken care of. While working, Juanita is currently enrolled at San Jose City College and enjoys connecting with her academic counselor, who she trusts.

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