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A computer for Savannah to complete her coursework

Posted Aug 3, 2023
Savannah wants to attend college but needs a laptop to complete her schoolwork. Without a laptop, Savannah will have to use the school library or borrow a computer from her foster mom or friends. Having her own laptop would allow her more autonomy in completing her work.

Savannah is 18 years old and lives in AZ

Savannah is a bright young woman. She chose to stay in DCS custody as a voluntary adult because she recognized the many resources available to her. Savannah graduated high school and plans to attend college. Savannah wants to prove that despite growing up as a ward of the state, she can graduate college and become a successful adult. Savannah is motivated and knows she can reach the goals she has set for herself!

The Wish Story

Grace Retreat Foster Care and Adoption Services requests this wish for Savannah.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Ronald grants the wish for Savannah! Thanks Ronald.

"You are amazing, Savannah! That is wonderful that you will be going to college! Continue to remain focused on your goals and you will go far in life! You are on the right track! Be well and stay safe!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Grace Retreat Foster Care and Adoption Services for Savannah.

Savannah receives the gift from Grace Retreat Foster Care and Adoption Services!

"Savannah is so thankful for her new laptop! She recently got a job at Amazon and will be starting school part time to get her feet wet. She is nervous about her new adventures but knows with hard work she can change the projectory of her life! "

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