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A vanity for Candy who is working on building her self-esteem

Posted Jun 30, 2023
Candy is going to be a 9th grader soon and hopes that a vanity can serve as a supportive and positive step in her journey toward building self-confidence and more positive self-esteem. It would provide a dedicated space where Candy can focus on herself. Having a designated area for grooming, self-care, and personal expression would help her boost her sense of individuality and importance. She has been encouraged to engage in self-care routines that can foster a positive relationship with her appearance and body. A vanity can offer a space for Candy to experiment with different hairstyles, makeup, or personal style, allowing her to explore her identity and develop a sense of self-expression! This will boost her self-confidence, something that she is working on but still struggles with.

Candy is 15 years old and lives in NC

Candy is a super funny and creative teenager who tries her best at everything. She has 3 siblings in foster care and lives with her youngest sister. She has gone through so much hardship in life but has remained a super funny, creative, and such a kind empathetic person. She has taken an interest in soccer this past season and kept her grades up in order to stay on the team and that has made her very proud. She loves to paint to be able to express herself and journal. She loves animals, especially horses as she finds interacting with them to be therapeutic. She loves Disney movies, especially LILO and stitch because Candy is all about Ohana and family is very important to her. She watches the Lilo and Stitch move once a week!

The Wish Story

Foster Family Alliance of North Carolina requests this wish for Candy.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

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One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Foster Family Alliance of North Carolina for Candy.

Candy receives the wish from Foster Family Alliance of North Carolina

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