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A Nintendo Switch OLED for Maddox to have an amazing belated birthday

Posted Sep 28, 2023
Maddox loves video games and his favorite system is Nintendo Switch. Maddox loves to play Minecraft and Fortnite. He did not get his big want for his birthday, a Nintendo Switch. Maddox would be amazed and more than excited to get a Nintendo Switch.

Maddox is 13 years old and lives in VA

Maddox is described as very caring, loyal, and unique. He enjoys learning new skills doing things independently. Maddox is also very creative and smart and enjoys playing video games. He loves listening and singing to country music, spending time outside playing sports, and riding his bike all around the neighborhood of his group home. Maddox is a very active child with tons of energy. He loves playing all sports but basketball is his favorite.