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Nail polish kit for Amira who's style is loud and proud

Posted Sep 24, 2023
Amira has come so far in the last year. She has experienced the loss of her best friend, her mother moving out of state unexpectedly, and many difficult changes. This summer she participated in three overnight camps for the first time and had opportunities to mentor younger children, process her grief and engage in weekly counseling- which she loves. Amira is thriving and sees her world in a new, positive way. Amira was invited back to her school this year and has new school clothes and accessories that are as bright as her personality. She loves art and expressing herself through style and art. Art is Amira's outlet for self care and she would LOVE these loud nail polish colors so she can finally use her manicure lamp and make fun nail designs to showcase her skill and personality.

Amira is 13 years old and lives in ME

Amira is 12 years old and living with her de facto father while working towards reunification with her mother. Amira has incredible insight for her age, and finds great comfort and joy in creating art. During my visits, Amira regales everyone in the room with her latest creations. She is a gifted and talented child who is pursuing after school art programs to hone skills and express her creativity.

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"I loved nail art when I was your age - I collected lots of different nail colours and tried to recreate paintings on my nails. When I was older, I'd gotten good enough to recreate Monet's Water Lilies on my nails for my first date with the man who'd become my husband. I'm a professional artist now and I wish I had more time to paint fun designs on my nails again! I hope you have SO MUCH FUN painting your nails, perfecting your style, & making amazing art. Enjoy! :) "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Department of Health and Human Services for Amira.

Amira receives the wish from Department of Health and Human Services

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