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A special birthday meal for Fab to celebrate with some friends

Posted Sep 28, 2023
Fab recently celebrated her 21st birthday, but unfortunately, she could not have a proper celebration. She loves Italian food and has always dreamed of dining at Olive Garden but has never had the opportunity to do so. This gesture would not only provide Fab with a memorable belated birthday celebration but also serve as a reminder of her worth and resilience. It would be a touching way to honor her character and show her that her journey is acknowledged and celebrated. She will be so happy to have her birthday recognized by someone.

Fab is 21 years old and lives in NJ

Fab is a remarkable young lady who has faced numerous challenges throughout her life. Having spent most of her childhood in foster care, she has shown incredible strength and determination in overcoming the obstacles that came her way. Born to a young mother struggling with emotional issues and lacking support, Fab endured unimaginable abuse at a tender age, leaving both physical and emotional scars. Despite the hardships she faced, Fab’s spirit remained unbroken. At the age of 19, she had the opportunity to meet her father for the first time, even though he had been incarcerated. This encounter ignited a desire within her to build a relationship with him, showcasing her capacity for forgiveness and resilience. Currently, Fab is enrolled with an organization, where she has found solace and support. Through her involvement with the organization, she has made significant progress in opening up to individuals her age and has taken positive steps toward managing her depression. Fab’s peers have become her chosen family, providing her with the love and acceptance she deserves. Fab has a passion for self-expression and enjoys spending time with her peers. She finds joy in dressing up and using makeup to cover some of the physical scars she endured during her early years. Through her journey, Fab has discovered her own beauty, both inside and out.

The Wish Story

Kairos Faith Sisterhood and Champions Corporation requests this wish for Fabege.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Faberge! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Happy Birthday! We hope you have an incredible celebration with your friends and feel loved and celebrated! "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Kairos Faith Sisterhood and Champions Corporation for Faberge.

Faberge receives the gift from Kairos Faith Sisterhood and Champions Corporation !

"OMG, I just had to send you the biggest thank you ever for the amazing gift you gave for Fab’s birthday! Seriously, you totally made her day! The Olive Garden gift card is like the best thing ever because she can't wait to have a super fun dinner with her friends there. She’s already planning the perfect night out with her squad, and she promise to take tons of pics to capture all the fun she’ll have. Fab will make sure to post them soon, so you can see how much fun she had . thanks to your awesome gift. "

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