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An iPad for William to be able to update apps

Posted Oct 6, 2023
William's iPad is the oldest of all of his siblings'. Recently, he started getting really interested in reading and playing some educational games online. Since his iPad is so old, it can not support any of the games and apps he enjoys. Most games and apps require IOS 14 or higher, and his iPad can only be updated to an IOS 12. He can't even have YouTube kids downloaded because it won't support it.

William is 6 years old and lives in NC

William is great kid who loves to help everyone. He is very responsible for his age and is always looking for a book to read. He is caring and is always available to support a friend. He and his 2 siblings first came into care in 2020 and stayed for 9 months until they reunified with their dad. Then in 2022 they came back into care.