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A couch for Ivan to have a comfy place to watch TV

Posted Nov 30, 2023
Ivan often seeks out comfort and peace when he watches television. Ivan has a particular television he likes to watch and will sit in a wooden chair. This interactive sofa can help the child build his comfort as he watches his shows.

Ivan is 7 years old and lives in CA

Ivan is a charismatic and curious child. Due to his Autism, he has developmental delays and needs continuous care. The caregiver is often looking for educational activities to keep him entertained. Ivan has a creative imagination and curious tendencies. Ivan is loving and affectionate once he has established trust with you. Although Ivan has a few developmental delays, he is smart and learns quickly.

The Wish Story

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Ivan receives the gift from Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services!

"Thank you for fulfilling Ivan's wish!!"

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