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Entrepreneur camp for Ana who is always creating businesses

Posted Jan 23, 2024
Ana is a true entrepreneur at heart! While she likely does not know exactly what an entrepreneur is, she exhibits all the qualities of one. Ever since she was little, Ana has had little businesses on the go. First, it was selling bracelets. She has since learned how to knit, and she has endeavored to knit hats for the family and sell others to friends and the community. And now that it is snowing, she is asking to shovel and salt driveways. Her charming smile and customer service have gotten a few of our neighbors to hire her for this job already! While she doesn't know exactly what she wants to do in life quite yet, seeing her excitement about trying to create little businesses and earn money shows that she would be a wonderful entrepreneur as an adult.

Ana is 13 years old and lives in IN

Ana is a fun-loving, energetic young teenager. Ana is the eldest of 4 children, all of whom - except for her - have been adopted. She is a typical girl who loves to talk on the phone and be on her electronics. She loves to experiment with makeup and her nails when she can, and she loves clothes. However, in some other ways, she is not a typical teenager. Being the eldest of her sibling bunch, she experienced and remembers more than her siblings about what resulted in child welfare involvement. Ana has now spent more than half her life in foster care, which comes with traumas of their own. Ana has now found a potential permanent home. Having spent over a year in residential care prior to this placement, Ana is still learning how to settle into a family-life setting.

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"Dear Ana, I hope camp goes well and gives you even more empowerment in your ideas! Best, Clio"

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