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Cool loop earplugs for Matthew to help with his sensory needs

Posted Feb 8, 2024
Matthew recently had a chat with his provider about his sensitivity to noise and his sensory preferences. He really wants to block out the noise by wearing headphones, but he's a bit hesitant to do so in class or out in the community as he doesn't want to stand out. So, he has decided to go with earplugs instead, which he hopes would be less noticeable and lessen the volume of the surrounding voices. He lives with 4 siblings, and things can get quite loud at times, which can be overwhelming for him. These earplugs are a great solution to help him manage such situations.

Matthew is 10 years old and lives in ME

Matt is clever and a good problem-solver. He likes to put things together and take things apart to see how things operate. He is helpful and a hard worker. He wants to learn how to play an instrument such as a guitar or piano. He loves going to the beach and lake with his foster family. He is very close to his 4 siblings, who he lives with, and wants to learn how to build close friendships.

The Wish Story

Woodfords Family Services requests this wish for Matthew.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Matthew! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Hey Matthew! I too struggle with loud or overlapping sounds and find earplugs to help take that edge off. I understand being hesitant to wear headphones at school or in public places, which is why I tend to wear wireless earbuds instead. I hope you can get a lot of use out of these earplugs :)"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Woodfords Family Services for Matthew.

Woodfords Family Services receives the wish!

Matthew receives the gift from Woodfords Family Services!

"Thank you so much! Matthew is excited to try out his new ear plugs!"

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