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Essential aquarium supplies for Elaina who is getting a gecko

Posted Apr 1, 2024
Elaina has been asking her aunt for a gecko for years. Her aunt kept telling her she wasn't ready. Elaina is so excited that finally, her aunt said yes to her birthday. Elaina wants to be able to provide everything that the new gecko would need to prove she is responsible. Granting this wish with a gift card would help her provide what the gecko would need, for example, toys, food, climbing materials, lighting, and a heat rock.

Elaina is 15 years old and lives in OH

Elaina enjoys playing video games like Sims and Roblox. She has moved quite a few times recently but feels grateful to have been able to keep her connection with some family members, like her Aunt and Nana.

The Wish Story

Kindred Spirit Behavioral Health requests this wish for Elaina.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Elaina! Thanks Awesome Human.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Kindred Spirit Behavioral Health for Elaina.

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