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Oversized comfy bean bag chair for Kyla so she can relax and read all her favorite books

Posted May 28, 2024
Kyla has always found books to be adventurous and eye opening. They have always offered her a place to turn and seek comfort even when experiencing the turmoil of foster care. Over the years, she has developed a love for audio books. She loves to sit back, turn on a good audio book, have some tea, and relax. She would really love a big, cozy bean bag chair to create a reading spot that is just for her.

Kyla is 21 years old and lives in UT

Kyla is a strong, dedicated college student. She is deeply passionate about initiating open and meaningful dialogues about mental health and the foster system. Having navigated her own mental health journey within the confines of the foster system, she is committed to using her experience to uplifting others and bridging connections. Her dream is to continuing making a vast impact on the foster system.