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Gaming Vbucks for Cameron to connect with family and friends while in foster care

Posted May 28, 2024
Cameron, a really sweet and polite boy who loves playing video games with his friends. He's on the lookout for some extra Vbucks to jazz up his game characters and have a blast with his buddies. Staying connected with his biological family through the game is super important to him, and he's really excited about the prospect of spending his birthday playing games with both his friends and family. He is hopeful that getting more Vbucks will let him go further in the game and give him more time to bond with his loved ones while he's in foster care.

Cameron is 11 years old and lives in OH

Cameron is a sweet and kind child who has been separated from all of his siblings. He continues to enjoy having quiet time and one-on-one time with his foster parent. Cameron enjoys spending time in the community with his foster mother doing activities. Cameron enjoys being creative and also enjoys staying active outside. He enjoys spending time at the local Boys and Girls Club during the week doing activities with friends. Cameron is often found playing with Legos or spending time kicking his soccer ball outside.

The Wish Story

The National Youth Advocate Program requests this wish for Cameron.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Kayla grants the wish for Cameron! Thanks Kayla.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the The National Youth Advocate Program for Cameron.

The National Youth Advocate Program receives the wish!

Cameron receives the gift from The National Youth Advocate Program!

"Thank you so much for granting Cameron the opportunity to spend his birthday gaming with his best friends. He cannot wait!!! "

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