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An electronic drum set for Jyshawn to bring in his birthday with a bang

Posted May 31, 2024
Jyshawn is totally stoked about his upcoming birthday in July. He's really hoping to get a drum set as a gift. Drums mean a lot to him; they're his way of expressing his emotions and love for music. He's super inspired by the awesome beats of his favorite band, Metallica, and he dreams of playing along to their songs, letting the music connect with his lively spirit. This drum set would be super special to him. It's not just a toy; it's a buddy that will help him grow and express himself. Playing the drums will let him pour his energy into something positive, boosting his confidence and making him feel like he truly belongs in the amazing world of music. This complete electronic drum set will allow for quiet beats as well as loud ones and won't take up tons of room. This is a perfect set for Jyshawn to celebrate his big day!

Jyshawn is 5 years old and lives in NC

Jyshawn is a spunky kid with a radiant smile and boundless energy and has been navigating the twists and turns of life with remarkable resilience. Since he was just two weeks old, Jyshawn has been in foster care, moving through different homes, each chapter adding layers to his young life. Despite these challenges, his spirit remains unbroken, and his eyes light up at the smallest joys—like the beat of a drum.

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