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A Car For 20 Y/O Christina Who Is Ready To Make Her Dreams A Reality

Posted Aug 17, 2017
Christina entered foster care at the age of thirteen and was scared and confused. She felt like her life was completely over. Fortunately, she was placed into a loving foster family that raised her into the young woman that she is today. They taught her how to be independent individual and is grateful that she learned so much from them over the years. At the age of eighteen, Christina and her parents saved up enough money for her to purchsae a car. For almost a year, they were on a heavy search for a reliable car, so she wouldn’t have to continuously take the bus back and forth to work and school, every single night and day. Finally, they had found one on Craigslist and soon made the purchase. Christina was very excited to finally have her own means of transportation. Unfortunately, the very next day, after almost getting in a terrible accident, Christina found out, that she was a victim of a scam and was sold a broken and unsafe vehicle. The car remained in her name, so she spent month after month, paying off the bill. Eventually, she was able to remove her name from the title, but ever since that incident, she been looking for a car that works. In order to pay for it, Christina works at her school part-time while also being a full-time student. She takes public transportation in the meantime and has endured walking at unsafe hours of the night. Having a reliable car would be a true blessing for Christina. It wouldn’t dissolve all of her problems, but it would make life a little easier. She says, “When I’m on the bus headed to school or work I always look outside the window, and think in my head ‘Wow, if they only knew how blessed they are to have a reliable car.” Christina realizes that she’s getting older and is soon about to receive her Associate’s degree which means that she will be traveling more. A car would really help that transition run more efficiently and smoothly. Let’s make Christina’s wish come true so she can continue to live her dreams!

Christina is 24 years old and lives in Chesapeake, VA

The Wish Story

Hope U Foundation - Chesapeake, VA requests this wish for Christina.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

*One Simple Wish Crowdrise grants the wish for Christina! Thanks *One Simple Wish Crowdrise.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Hope U Foundation - Chesapeake, VA for Christina.

Hope U Foundation - Chesapeake, VA receives the wish!

Christina receives the gift from her case worker!

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