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$ 205

A Barbie Dream House for Ayanna whose birthday is coming up!

Posted Nov, 7, 2017
Birthdays have never been much of an event in her life, so Ayanna is very excited about celebrating her birthday this year with her foster family. She will have a princess party, and have the chance to receive gifts! Her birthday is just before Christmas and she is hoping to get a Barbie Dream house.
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Ayanna is 7 years old and lives in Charlotte, NC

Ayanna is a sweet, loving girl who loves to dance and sing. She will perform a song anytime asked. She is very affectionate and outgoing. Ayanna is in the second grade. Because she moved around a lot, she never stayed in one school for long, so she is behind in some areas but she is working to catch up. She feels very responsible for her younger brother and although they don’t always get along, she enjoys playing with him and helping him with his homework.

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