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A Polaroid Camera for Jaquan who would love to take pictures of the great outdoors!

Posted Oct 10, 2018
Jaquan’s therapist has stated that providing him with a camera would be a great way to help him cope with the many transitions he is going through. It would allow him to document many of his memories and feel as though he is taking significant people in his life with him even as he is moving to and from new homes and schools.

Jaquan is 9 years old and lives in Charlotte, NC

Jaquan loves school and his favorite subject is math. He has joined a soccer team and has demonstrated considerable talent as a player and a leader on the field! He is a very outdoorsy kid, preferring to be out playing instead of inside. He has 5 brothers and sisters and loves to be around them whenever possible.

The Wish Story

Guardian ad Litem Program, Mecklenburg County requests this wish for Jaquan.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Mike grants the wish for Jaquan! Thanks Mike.

"Hi Jaquan, I hope you like your new camera! When I was a kid I loved taking pictures, especially of the outdoors and of nature areas. Places with trees and mountains. But pictures of your own neighborhood and of people you love are also nice to have. Years from now, you will have those pictures along with your fond memories. Enjoy! Love, Mike "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Guardian ad Litem Program, Mecklenburg County for Jaquan.

Guardian ad Litem Program, Mecklenburg County receives the wish!

Jaquan receives the gift from Guardian ad Litem Program, Mecklenburg County!

"Thank you so much for the camera for Jaquan. He will enjoy exploring his world through the lens of the camera!"

Mike sent an update on the wish for Jaquan.

"Please let Jaquan know I am very happy he received his camera and I encourage him to take pictures of people and places and also nature - mountains, trees, lakes, plants, insects - whatever he comes across that he likes! Mike"

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