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A laptop for Mervielle who wants to get on top of his schoolwork

Posted Dec 7, 2018
Mervielle's team has identified two key things he needs to work on: one, attendanc and two, doing the makeup work so he won’t be held back. He is now attending all his classes. When asked about the makeup work and what would help, he says a laptop would do the trick!

Mervielle is 17 years old and lives in Charlotte, NC

Mervielle is in high school and is, against all odds, hanging in there. For the first time he finds himself in a place where he doesn’t have to fend for himself totally. He is adjusting to that. He is learning – although slowly - how to invest his time in his studies. He would need a good bit of help to claw his way back out of the survival sinkhole he’s been in all his life. I try and give him the assurances and get him back up to where he will – as all teenagers should – focus on his future. A couple of things that need to be said about Mervielle. Everyone I’ve talked to has great fondness for this kid. He is very personable and loving. This is such an asset for a young man! The things that we give him now, he will put to good use because he really wants to be caring of others. It seems to me, he can only reach his potential when there are people around him who care for him.

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"Thank you so much for Mervielle's new computer! He will definitely use it to get on top of his school work! Happy New Year!"

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