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A floor lamp for Nidereha to create some peaceful mood lighting

Posted Feb 27, 2019
Nidereha has asked for a lamp for her room so she can have mood lighting to calm her down, especially before she goes to bed. She kind of wants it to act as a night light, too, so her room feels safe and comfortable.

Nidareha is 19 years old and lives in Charlotte, NC

Nidareha has been in foster care for a while, and is working on getting her driver's license, getting her CNA license, and getting her own apartment. She seems to be personally content and happy. She got a job at McDonalds and works weekends while she is in school. She graduated from High school in the spring and decided to work in a career that is helping people!

The Wish Story

Florence Crittenton Services requests this wish for Nidareha.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

An Awesome Human grants the wish for Nidareha! Thanks An Awesome Human.

"Nidereha, I hope this lamp helps you relax! I have anxiety myself so I know how unsettling being tense and nervous can be. Keep working hard to achieve all the things you want in life. I am so impressed that you got a job and are working on weekends, and working hard to graduate and get your license. Any opportunity can be a stepping stone to something great. Please know someone is thinking about you and cares about you. -Alison"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Florence Crittenton Services for Nidareha.

Florence Crittenton Services receives the wish!

Nidareha receives the gift from Florence Crittenton Services !

"Nidereha has been having a rough week and was so excited to get the lamp in today! Thanks for "brightening: her day! (and her room!!!)"

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