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Party Decorations for Maricela's Sweet 16 Bash

Posted Apr 8, 2019
Maricela has never really had a birthday party and now she is turning 16! Her foster parents are hoping to throw a wonderful Sweet 16 party for her. They have been planning the party for months. A few weeks ago, Maricela's bio mother passed away and these wonderful foster parents are having a memorial service for her which has cut into the money they had saved for the party. A gift card for party decorations would ensure that Maricela celebrates her 16th with a very happy occasion.

Maricela is 16 years old and lives in Colorado Springs, CO

Maricela is a wonderful young woman who loves life! Her favorite thing to do is LAUGH, and, in spite of a very difficult childhood, she spreads joy and laughter everywhere she goes and with everyone around her! She is the youngest child in a family filled with chaos and turmoil. Her older siblings are all older and in and out of incarceration. She is determined to live her life differently than her family has lived theirs. Maricela is a huge animal lover. She adores horses, dogs, cats and goats. Her dream for the future is to become a veterinarian and to this end she already volunteers with 'adopt a pet' events and is applying for summer jobs at local vet offices and animal hospitals. She also loves to dance and participates on a dance team at her high school, as well as taking lessons at a local dance academy. She works very hard at school, and despite being very behind academically when she entered the system, she is now at grade level and doing very well. Maricela is truly one of a kind: always happy and spreading joy to those around her.

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The Milton Foster Children's Fund requests this wish for Maricela.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Nicole grants the wish for Maricela! Thanks Nicole.

"Hi Maricela! I hope you have a FANTASTIC time at your Sweet 16 birthday party!! This is a very special birthday, and I hope this granted wish helps make your day a little more special. :) Nicole"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the The Milton Foster Children's Fund for Maricela.

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