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A Multi-Day Ticket to Universal Orlando for Jamarrion so that he can experience a fun, family vacation with his new foster family.

Posted Sep 10, 2019
Jamarrion entered care earlier this summer with his sisters. Because he is part of a sibling group that includes an older sister with medical and emotional needs, it was very difficult to find a home appropriate for him. A caregiver stepped forward to care for Jamarrion and his siblings and even postponed a family vacation in order to make the placement happen. Now the family would like to resume their plans for a weekend at Universal, and they want to take Jamarrion and his siblings with them. We are asking for assistance for this family so that the children are not left behind and so they can forget their trauma for a little while and experience the fun and magic of an Orlando theme park.

Jamarrion is 14 years old and lives in FL

Jamarrion is the youngest of three children and the only brother. He struggles with mental health issues and aggression that were exacerbated by years of family drug addiction and inadequate supervision. He loves his sisters, however, and has calmed significantly since coming into the foster-care system. Jamarrion has really blossomed under the influence of a healthy routine, regular meals and consistent, reliable care-giving.

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