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Car Repairs for Cary who needs to be safe on the road with her son

Posted Mar 23, 2021
Cary is caring for her three year old autistic son on her own, and any extra monthly resources go towards him and his needs. She has put off getting new brakes for her car for so long, and now it is just a dangerous situation. This is her only means of transportation, and she relies on this car to get her son back and forth to his many therapy and doctor appointments. Repairing her brakes will give Cary such peace of mind that she and her son are safe when they are out on the road.

Cary is 36 years old and lives in IN

Cary aged out of foster care after graduating high school, and has been making it on her own ever since. She had multiple placements in foster care, but her last foster family was very caring and loved her like she was their own child. Fortunately, she is still in touch with them and they are a positive support system in her life. Cary is a devoted mom to her autistic son.

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"Best wishes and keep moving ever onward. Max."

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"Dear friend, I'm writing this to tell you how grateful we are for your donation to get the tires on my van done. Foster care was really hard on me the hardest thing of course was not having family. I still have no one to call for help, it's just me alone with my autistic 3 yr old son Malcolm. Between the two of us, we drive to a lot of appointments and if my tire popped I'd have no one to call for help! The tire place said they were bad- the wires were showing so I just feel very blessed that you chose to help us. This is absolutely an amazing program. I've really been feeling down lately because of all the financial strain on us right now- there was no way I'd have been able to get new tires without you. It truly was and is a blessing thank you so much, god bless, and know that you truly made a difference in our lives. Thankful, Cary & Malcolm"

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