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Cell Phone Bill Assistance for Kristina who is grieving the loss of multiple family members

Posted Feb 19, 2022
In a period of six months, Kristina lost her mother, grandmother and aunt. Not only did this loss rattle Kristina and her family to their core but it also rattled her entire stability. She never imagined she would lose so many of her family members at once or would have to begin the process of planning multiple funerals within a short window of time. Due to planning multiple arrangements and funerals, Kristina had to take time off of work, and she drained her savings. She would deeply appreciate some relief this month with her cell phone bill. This support will help Kristina get back on her feet financially, and will help her to move forward in the grieving process.

Kristina is 32 years old and lives in Las Vegas, NV

Kristina aged out of foster care after spending most of her childhood in and out of foster care, the juvenile justice system and in kinship care. During her time in care, it reinforced who she wanted to be. Being in care made Kristina appreciate her family and appreciate the idea of home. Being in the foster care system created paths for her family to be able to begin conversations on how to heal our generational traumas and reconnect. Kristina now has two dogs and lives a healthy life style that her younger self would have never imagined. She enjoys traveling, spending time with friends, visiting family, lounging around at home- all of these things are things she wasn't always able to do as a kid. One of Kristina's goals is to become a real estate agent. She loves looking at different homes and architectural design.

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