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New Cool Clothes for Josh who doesn't have much of anything

Posted May 13, 2022
Josh came into care with the shirt on his back, holes in his shoes and jeans too small for his long legs. Josh also came with five other siblings in the same condition. Their foster parents are trying their best, and his case manager would love for Josh to start school with some new clothes and shoes. Josh would feel so much more confident and happy and feel like he is fitting in with his peers.

Josh is 7 years old and lives in Omaha, NE

Josh is a precocious youngster who has the energy of a tornado. Josh can jump, leap and run just about any distance or speed. Josh is loving life but hating daily showers. Josh is so grateful he got to stay with all of his siblings when he was removed and even happier his new foster parents are his grandparents. Josh loves the color green, loves camping and loves leaving school at the end of the day. If you could imagine a sarcastic, funny boy who has a future as a comedian or a miniature Robin Williams, that's Josh!

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Nebraska children and family services requests this wish for Josh.

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Awesome Human grants the wish for Josh! Thanks Awesome Human.

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