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A New Stationary Bike for Kate to strengthen her knee

Posted Sep 9, 2022
Kate has been struggling with knee issues for several years and has been seeing a physical therapist. She eventually will need surgery to repair the damage but financially it is not feasible at this time. Her doctor recommended she get a stationary bike to build muscle and strength to protect the joints. She would love to have this bike because its small and will fit in her apartment and she can ride it while watching her kiddos and not have to pay for a gym membership.

Kate is 42 years old and lives in CO

Kate spent time in the foster care system when she was younger and has never stopped working hard to make a difference in her life. Whenever someone is in need, Kate is there for them. Some of her favorite things to do include crafting, baking, and planning and doing kid activities.

The Wish Story

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"Take care and enjoy your bike!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Foster Alumni Mentors for Kate.

Foster Alumni Mentors receives the wish!

Kate receives the gift from Foster Alumni Mentors!

"With increasing knee pain and knee surgery more and more eminent, having a stationary bike will help me endure and work thru knee pain!!! It'll also help me get rehabilitated once I do have surgery which will happen within the next 2 years I imagine. I need to lose 50lbs to get my insurance to approve a knee replacement surgery and this will help so much!!! I could go on and on with how grateful I am and how much this will help me improve my life! Thank you thank you thank you! Kate "

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