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Support for Darienne's Final Phase of Orthodontic Work so she can gain the confidence she deserves

Posted Oct 16, 2022
Darienne is not stranger to the foster care system. She has been in foster care for 18 yrs, aged out, and recently met her mom and is learning how to rebuild this relationship. She has endured a lot of trauma and struggles with PTSD, Turrets & Pervasive disorder. She has worked hard to be a good person and this was shaped by her foster care family. She currently works at a daycare and empowers the kids to be the best they can be, gives them hope and lets them know they they can be whatever they want to be. Darienne's wish is to help complete the final phases of her braces. She has already has her braces on and she would really love to be able to complete the process. Her mouth has always been really small and her food has to be cut up into inch by inch pieces so she can eat, and she finds this very embarrassing and it has really affected her self esteem and they way people see her. She is unable to pay for the remainder of the treatment and really would like some help to fund her wish, she is so close to having the smile she would love and just be able to chew her food like everyone else.

Darienne is 25 years old and lives in CO

Darienne is a hardworking, outgoing young women, she has aged out of the foster care system and currently lives with her host family where she is working hard at becoming self sufficient and hopes to one day soon be more independent. She is in her first year of college and really enjoys it, she loves the independence and self motivation that comes with it. She currently works at a day care and adores her job, she loves working with little kids and doing actives with them that make them laugh and smile. Her hobby is bowling, she has a pretty high average and practices as often as she can. One of her immediate goals is to save money for a nice vacation somewhere tropical.

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