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A New TV for Aubrey to put in her room for some downtime

Posted Nov 10, 2022
Aubrey is a motivated young lady that enjoys the typical teenage things, like going to school, being on her phone and hanging out with friends. She also likes a little downtime to herself, and now that she is in high school, her foster mom said she is allowed to start getting some more "adult" privileges as long as her school work is complete. She would love to have a TV for her room so she can watch her own shows in the privacy of her own room and enjoy shows when she completes her work.

Aubrey is 16 years old and lives in Grand Junction, CO

Aubrey is a fun high school student who loves school and enjoys playing on the volleyball team! She describes herself as caring, smart, and honest and take pride in who she is. Aubrey is looking forward to graduating high school in a few years and hopes to find a job soon so she can start saving up money. She is very insightful and works hard to be a better person for herself so she can reach her goals. Aubrey is a dreamer.

The Wish Story

Foster Alumni Mentors requests this wish for Aubrey.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Aubrey! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Hi Aubrey! Everyone needs a little time to themselves to enjoy the many shows tv has to offer. Enjoy my dear- with much love, Patty "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Foster Alumni Mentors for Aubrey.

Foster Alumni Mentors receives the wish!

Aubrey receives the gift from Foster Alumni Mentors!

"Thank you for providing this wish for me it means a lot because everything was stolen from me and this will help me get back into makeup so thank you for getting this wish for me"

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