About Monique

Monique is 21 years old and lives in Riverside, CA

Monique is compassionate and very considerate of others. She has worked hard to always stay focused in school and putting her education first. Being a former foster youth she has overcome some difficult obstacles in life but has never lost faith in knowing that there is a better tomorrow and staying humbled. Monique wants to double major in liberal studies and Spanish and hopes to use these majors to understand the world around her and how she can be part of a solution to helping those in need whether it be in her community or other parts of the world. After graduation she wants to work in a setting where she is able to travel and help youth around the world to receive education, she wants to be a teacher or work in education administration and is currently going to be a youth trainer for the Youth Training Project. She also currently balances work and school and is a student worker for Human Resources and she says she loves her job because she helps people. She is a very creative and outdoors kind of person so she draws and paints nature landscapes while hiking or sitting in the ocean. She connects with the world in a very unique way and always has something positive to offer.


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