About Caleb

Caleb is 8 years old and lives in Cranston, RI

Caleb came into care in May 2018. The reason he came into care was due to domestic violence. He arrived in adult size clothing he’d been given at the shelter where he was previously living with his birth mother. Caleb was scared and anxious and kept attempting to run out the door of his new foster home and he had intense repetitive movements with his hands. After only a few days in the home Caleb made so much progress, he was relaxed and even playing with the two dogs in his new home. The repetitive movements decreased and are now a rare occurrence. Since May Caleb has continued to impress us all with his creativity, perseverance and personality. He enjoys drawing, telling jokes and he reads extremely well. Through weekly therapy sessions he’s gone from completely avoiding anything having to do with emotions to appropriately labeling others’ emotions, as well as navigating how to deal with his own emotions. Caleb attends the same school he’s always been in and his teachers report that he is almost like a different child, his behaviors have decreased and he is much more willing to cooperate in class. Caleb is a wonderful boy, full of energy and promise. Despite having suffered extreme trauma, he is making immense progress and he is flourishing.


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