About Sabrina

Sabrina is 16 years old and lives in Paterson, NJ

Sabrina and her siblings were recently reunified with her mother after a long time in foster homes. However, her father is incarcerated because of abuse against Sabrina and her siblings. That leaves this large family with a lot of costs and limited income. As the eldest child, and the one with the best English skills in her Spanish-speaking family, Sabrina bears many responsibilities in helping her family interact with the English speaking community outside their home. She also spends much time helping to care for her younger siblings. Despite this, Sabrina's tender age shows through in her likes and wishes. She enjoys playing board games with her siblings. She loves wearing pretty dresses and dying her hair bright colors. Sabrina recently disclosed that she is nine months pregnant. She has been watching youtube videos on how to care for her baby, hoping to be the best mother she can, despite her great burden of worries.