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About Blake

Blake is 13 years old and lives in VA

Blake is described as a very caring, loyal, and unique young man. His favorite color varies, but he most often says it is red. Blake wears amazing combinations of clothes and has a great sense of personal style, his favorite brands include Under Armour and Nike. Blake also enjoys learning skills to do things independently. Blake is a good eater and says his favorite food is meat. Blake is also very creative and smart and enjoys playing video games. He enjoys listening and singing to country music, spending time outside playing sports, and riding his bike all around the neighborhood. Blake is a very active child with tons of energy. He loves playing all sports but basketball is his favorite. Blake also loves hunting and fishing, really anything outdoors. He also has a creative side and loves building model cars and building LEGO sets. Blake loves to collect different LEGO sets and would one day want an entire room filled with LEGOs he has built. Blake is a big talker and can easily carry a conversation with a complete stranger. He would love to be placed in a home that is on a farm and has animals. Blake loves animals and says he finds them very therapeutic.