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About Ny

Ny is 22 years old and lives in NJ

Ny D. is a gifted artist who possesses a deep passion for drawing and painting. Her life has been marked by adversity, as she has experienced a tumultuous upbringing, including periods in and out of foster care and enduring mistreatment from her parents since she was one year old. This has left her with feelings of isolation, abandonment, and emotional struggles. Despite academic challenges, Ny has always possessed a thirst for knowledge, although she never had the opportunity for personalized guidance. Through the support of KFS&C, Ny has been able to cultivate self-confidence and develop a greater sense of self-love, while also finding solace in support groups to help her navigate her battles with depression. Although she may not fully recognize it, Ny is a remarkable young woman, both inside and out. Her father, who is unfortunately addicted to drugs, is the only parent who has expressed love for her, while her mother left her at a young age, leaving her to be raised by the foster care system. Despite these hardships, Ny's artistic talents have served as a source of healing and self-expression throughout her life. With the right support, she has the potential to not only thrive as an artist but also inspire others with her resilience and determination.